Pontoons at Newhaven

Port o’ Leith Motor Boat Club was, as the name suggests, originally based in the Port of Leith. The club was set up in the 1930s by the workers in the many shipyards that existed at that time. In the 1960s a gate was built at the dock entrance to control the water flow and make Leith a deep water port at all times. The boat club was granted the use of Newhaven harbour and has been there ever since.

For many years we had a large club house on Pier Place. Unfortunately due to high maintaince costs the club was forced to sell the building. The proceeds from the sale were used to fund the purchase of pontoons. This has given the harbour a more attractive appearance and allows members easy access to their boats. The number of berths has increased to 50 and they are very much in demand.

The club has a full calendar of events published at the start of the sailing season consisting of BBQs on islands, treasure hunts, fishing competitions and gala days. The club supports the Newhaven Gala day run by Victoria Primary School with a flotilla of decorated boats delivering the new Fisher King and Queen to the Harbour.